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Total excellium diesel

Discover the benefits of total excellium diesel



  • NEW: prevents up to 93% of fouling* !
  • Compatible with all engine technologies (recent and old ones)
  • Incorporating new detergents, it keeps clean the sensitive components of the engine (injectors).
  • Cleans your engine right from the first tankful

TOTAL EXCELLIUM, a new generation of fuels:




A clean engine consumes less*





A clean engine lasts longer*




A clean engine pollutes less* 


Even more advantages with TOTAL EXCELLIUM DIESEL:

  • Compatible with 100% of diesel engines

  • Protects the most recent engines as well as the oldest ones

  • Facilitates engine starting at low temperature

  • Facilitates tank filling by preventing spillage due to foaming

  • Protects your Diesel filter

  • Contains biofuels, in compliance with European directive


Consult the TOTAL EXCELLIUM DIESEL datasheet



Cetane index (average data) 54
Main components and additives Detergents, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidants, anti-foaming, demulsifier, cold resistance improver, friction modifier, procetane, reodorant
Engine compatibility All types of vehicles with diesel engines