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The key features of TOTAL Card are:

  • An extensive Fiji wide network of modern and service oriented service stations.
  • An electronic data capture network with 30 EFTPOS terminals, which capture 100% of all TOTAL card transactions.
  • Modern chip technology, which enhances card security and controls fuel consumption
  • Electronic collection (online) of fleet management information at the point of sale including odometer, and driver Identification.
  • Card deck management and transaction records.
  • The ability to electronically restrict card usage to the nominated products, (e.g. fuel and oils);
  • The ability to electronically restrict card usage on financial limits (e.g. 100Lor $100 per day, per month or unlimited usage per month);
  • The ability to restrict number of transaction per days (e.g. number of transaction – 1 per day or 2 per day or unlimited per day)
  • Electronic (online) hot listing of lost and stolen cards.
  • Provision of customized transaction and fleet management data.
  • Delivery of fuel management reports and tax Invoices.
  • Aim to dispatch cards the next working day after receipt of order.
  • Option of prepay card.
  • Website which can provide online transaction data, invoices and order new cards or block cards.
  • Reports & Analysis of card account
    • A detailed Statement provides: summary by vehicle, mileage, total cost per transaction and volume.
    • An official Invoice for our customers has detailed information by card number and by product.
    • An official Statement, which details current and overdue status of the account (historical account status).
    • For an in-depth vision of the use of your card, 3 months of transactions are required to detail the “anomalies statement” and the 100 km statement : that show the bad uses of customer cards.

How to become a total card customer ?

Information to become a Total card customer


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