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To become a Totall card customer, the below requirements must be met depending on the type of card applied for:


Please provide:

1.A copy of identification (National ID or Passport) and PIN certificate

2.Complete, sing, and stamp a copy of the following official forms; card order form and General conditions of membership (A link of card order and membership form)

3.A copy of your trading license/ certificate of incorporation (DOES NOT APPLY TO INDIVIDUALS)

4.Kes. 1000 per card for card fees in form of a cash deposit slip or a cheque or a copy of a cash transfer



Please provide

1.A copy of your trading license/ certificate of incorporation

2.A copy of your PIN certificate

3.Complete and sign the following official forms .i.e Card order form, the General Conditions of Membership and the Corporate Application Form

4.Security deposit of double the amount of the total limit for the cards(minimum Security kshs.800,000)

Contact us for more information!