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We are happy to announce that our new campaign for TOTAL PREPAID CARD is launched.


Have you signed up with TOTAL Prepaid Card?

Simple 3 steps to sign up with Total Prepaid Card (for individuals) as follows:

Step 1: Fill the Total Prepaid Card Form

Step 2: Bring your valid driving license with only $30 top-up

Step 3: In 30 minutes you’ll be able to get your new TOTAL Prepaid Card


TOTAL Prepaid Card can be topped up from selected Total Stations, Total Walubay office, Total Vuda (Lautoka) office, Total Labasa office and via bank transfer.




  • Promotion started from June 24, 2020.
  • Promotion ends on December 31, 2021.
  • 2c discount applies on purchase of  fuel with TOTAL Prepaid Card.
  • Minimum top-up for sign up for TOTAL Prepaid Card is $30.00.
  • For top up with TOTAL Prepaid Card, 2c discount is applicable for 1L or more of fuel purchase.
  • Promotion applies to TOTAL Prepaid Card customers. Provided TOTAL Prepaid Card is active.
  • Discount is not applicable on cash purchase.
  • This 2c discount program is not applicable on Total Postpay card account.
  • For company applications on Prepay Account please provide the additional forms - Company Registration, TIN Letter & VAT letter.
  • Card top up can be done at all participating Total Stations, Total Walubay office, Total Vuda office and Total Labasa office or through an online bank transfer.
  • Sign up is done in coordination with Total Card team; visiting Walubay office or email card team

{** other terms and conditions will remain same on Total Prepaid Card as conditions signed during sign – up process}.



If you are staying in Suva area, please email or call us to update on the time you'll be able to visit our Total Walubay office.

Please do bring a minimum of $30 for top-up and valid driving license.  (TOTAL Prepaid card for individual)

For card collection appointment please contact: —

Rimal Sharma - Phone: 3229 226 email: [email protected] 

Once you arrive at Total Walubay office, please request for Card officer Litia Vakaloloma to assist you. (Mon — Fri — 8am - 1 pm / 2pm - 4pm)

You'll be provided with Total Card form with your information from online sign up; please check the info and fill other relevant information.

Sign the form and hand it over to Litia Vakaloloma with minimum $30 for top-up and driving license. 

Process of card will take approx. 30 minutes.



If your location is outside Suva area, please send the filled TOTAL Prepaid Card application via email with payment remittance copy along with your valid driving license copy. (TOTAL Prepaid Card for Individuals)

  • Rimal will send an acknowledgement email to you once the filled application form with your signature is shard via email along with minimum $30 top-up payment remittance and driving license copy.
  • Payment can be done at Total Vuda office, Total Labasa office or through bank transfer. (Bank detail is provided in email).
  • As per the discussion with Rimal, you can collect your card from Total Vuda depot or Total Labasa depot.
  • We can also send your card to the nearest Total Service Station.
  • Processing time for this will be approx. 1 week.


For any other information related to Total CARD please email or call card team.

CUSTOMER DATA: Client has authorized to receive  the information  (promotion, campaigns, any news) from TOTAL (FIJI) PTE LTD, TOTAL GROUP and its business partners.

PROMOTION: Client has authorized that he/she is above 18 years old and have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the promotions/ campaigns launched by TOTAL (FIJI) PTE LTD.


Telephone Number: +679 3229263
Email: [email protected]